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Sugar Detox Training

Did you know that sugar may be the cause of that layer around your middle, your mood swings, low energy, and diseases like diabetes? We’re putting a stop to all that!
  • Uncover where sugar is hiding
  • Reveal the role it plays in diabetes
  • Learn how to torch sugar-induced belly fat
Amanda Tress Sugar Detox Training
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Sound Like You?

  • You're looking to prevent diabetes or reduce its impact.
  • You always crave something sweet and even sneak your kids’ candy.
  • Your energy crashes most days, so you reach for sweet lattes and packaged snacks.
  • You want to lose fat and feel confident in holiday pictures!
  • You know that excess sugar causes disease, but can’t figure out how to quit it.
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Another holiday season hijacked by sugar
Not this year.

Picture this: You’re at your annual holiday party, surrounded by family and friends, except this year is totally different. Instead of battling sugar cravings, feeling out of control at the dessert table, and dreading the post-holiday bloat, you’re in control. You enjoy festive treats guilt-free, but no more secret indulgences in hidden candy stashes, no more energy crashes and belly aches. What’s more? You’re not worried about sucking in at all, because your tummy is the trimmest it’s been in years.
Holiday Dessert Table

exclusive faster way TRAINING featuring:

Sugar’s Sneaky Tricks

Understand the hidden sugars in everyday foods and how they cause disease and expand your waistline. You’ll be shocked!

Crush Sugar Cravings

Discover proven strategies to overcome sugar cravings and break free from the sugar cycle so you can take back control.

Holiday Survival Plan

Get ahead of the holiday temptations with expert tips to navigate the Halloween stash, festive parties, baking, and more.

BONUS: 5-Day Sugar Detox Guide

During the training, you’ll have the exclusive chance to snag our 5-Day Sugar Detox Guide! Get daily meal plans, action items, and expert-backed resources to break free from sugar and shed belly fat!

Conquer sugar with these experts

Amanda Tress
Amanda Tress, FASTer Way founder and CEO, has helped 330,000 clients transform their lives with science backed strategies for health and wellness. A fitness expert, sought after speaker, and executive influencer, Amanda deploys effective methods that are routinely industry disruptors at the forefront of exercise and food trends.
Dr. George E. Springer Jr
Dr. George E. Springer, Jr., DC, NMD, DCBCN has practiced alternative medicine since 1980 with an emphasis on treating chronic disease conditions and helping his patients achieve optimal health. He holds his Doctor or Chiropractic (D.C),  Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.), and is board certified in clinical nutrition (D.C.B.C.N.)
Brittany Mullins
Brittany Mullins, @Eating Bird Food is a holistic nutritionist and esteemed food blogger. Her recipes feature wholesome ingredients that not only taste delicious, but are good for you, too. Many of her recipes are naturally vegan, gluten-free, paleo or low carb, satisfying a variety of dietary presences and health goals.
Martha VanCamp
Martha VanCamp, FASTer Way to Fat Loss Director of Nutrition and Wellness, has a Master’s level certification in Nutritional Sciences with 12 years of experience in nutrition, wellness and female hormones. Martha has written a bestselling book about her own journey with food and health, and is a regular guest on a WFLA, NBC, BloomTV’s health segment in Tampa, FL.
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